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School Board 2021

Learn more about the redistricting process being lead by the Kansas City Election Board.

Our School

Providing tailored instruction for all students.

Garfield serves a very diverse community with students from more than 15 countries representing a variety of cultures. Many students receive specialized assistance through the English Language Learners program.

Garfield staff teaches the curriculum as provided by KCPS. Teachers support students learning with small group instruction and practice centers. KCPS implemented a one-to-one initiative at Garfield where each student in first grade through sixth have their own laptop to use as a learning tool in the classroom. These devices remain at school at the elementary level.

Developing a culture of positive behavior.

Garfield focuses on the advantages of positive behavior through the Missouri Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) initiative. PBIS is a framework for creating safe and orderly learning environments in schools, while improving the social-emotional outcomes for students. Students are encouraged to focus on what they do right as a means to success.

Students of Garfield National Honor Society